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The Screw Down Meat Chopper is used to Chop Meats and Vegetables, and is used for Chumming.

Screw Down Meat Chopper.jpg (30713 bytes) #12, #22, #32 Screw Down Meat Choppers

The Clampless Chopper is used for Vegetables, Nuts and small quantities of Meat.

Clampless Chopper.jpg (29502 bytes) #1 Clampless Chopper

The Clamp Meat Chopper is used to chop Meat and Vegetables.

Clamp Meat Chopper.jpg (24150 bytes) #5,#10 Clamp Meat Choppers

The Clamp Food Chopper is used for various types of Food Grinding.

Clamp Food Chopper.jpg (25816 bytes) #3 Clamp Food Chopper

The Health Juice Extractor is used for juicing Vegetables and Fruits.  It is especially great for Wheat Grass.

Health Juice Extractor.jpg (21450 bytes) #27 Health Juice Extractor

The Sausage Stuffer is used for making Sausage in many sizes.  It is also used for Fruit and Lard pressing, and making Apple Cider.

Sausage Stuffer.jpg (23434 bytes) #25 Sausage Stuffer & #35 Sausage Stuffer

The Cherry Stoner is used for removing the pit from Cherries.

cherry Stoner.jpg (25683 bytes) #16T Cherry Stoner